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Your adventure begins when you Go-Paddle.



Every trip is unique and brings you one step closer to nature.

You will experience the Wekiva River system from our private launch and be exposed to the path least traveled. Our multi-generational Central Florida family will help you enjoy a planned trip or guide you every step ourselves on a river adventure through Old Florida. All of our experiences flow downstream and occur on the north part of the river. You will pass the few homes on the river and then experience where few travel and on some trips will go all the way to the St. Johns River. You will stop and experience the river, enjoy nature photo opportunities, and best of all the quiet of nature. Our trips have limited openings because we believe its more than just a SUP trip. Its an immersive trip down the Wekiva River atop your SUP equipped standing or comfortably sitting on your refreshment filled cooler for the best trip possible.

Self-Guided Paddle Trips

Starting at $40 an Hour Per Board and Motorboat Ride Pickup at the end of the trip.

Guided Paddle Trips

Starting at $69 for 2 Hours Per Board, Food, Drink, Seat with Cooler, and Motorboat Ride Pickup at the end of the trip.

Guided Paddle Yoga

Starting at $55 an Hour and Motorboat Ride Pickup at the end of the trip.

We have frequent experiences but if you had something more personal in mind, we love customizing for friends, group, or parties of any size.

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Trip Plans

Northern Part of Wekiva River is where all our trips begin and end. You only paddle down stream and its away from the traditional rental businesses, which means less people and more wild-life. You only Paddle one way so you get to go farther and your time is not wasted.

Wekiva River Tours
Family Paddle Board Tours

Why Experience With Us?

Seclusion, top of the line equipment, local guides who know, love, and live on the Wekiva River.

Our Family history and experience dates back to when the steam-boats brought the Apopka mail to Wekiva Island for distribution. We know every corner and every species.


Personalized Attention

Smaller groups means easier launches, a frictionless paddle, and the opportunity to enjoy the trip from a private location.

Your Hard Earned Money Well Spent

Paddle hard, take a dip, and relax all while avoiding the crowds in all the crowded places.

Not Your Everyday SUP Company

Top of the line equipment and motorboat retrievals make the experience smooth and continuous enjoyment.


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